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International Language of Food!

"Never in history could you taste the world with just a bus pass"

At Chopsticks+Forks, we are your ambassadors to connect you to all things Toronto Food, especially when it comes to the ethnic diversity of its cuisine. Our founder Jusep is a world traveller where he has visited 50 countries around the world and has eaten his way through each one. He is passionate about travel, food and his hometown, Toronto!

Our commitment is to showcase the story behind the amazing diversity of food in Toronto. Our food experiences are designed to help you build confidence around ethnic foods you may not be familiar with while at the same time, learn a bit about the culture and history of where the food comes from.

Our passionate guides are true ambassadors who will take you on an adventure around the world and to show you why the world calls this amazing city “home”.

Bon appétit!

~ Your Friends at Chopsticks+Forks

Toronto - A City of United Nations

Meet The Founder

Jusep Sim (chronicfoodie) - Founder and Chief Epicurean Officer (CEO)

Founder+CEO (Chief Epicurean Officer)

A 3 month trip to Kenya in 2007 changed the way I saw food. Living with a Kenyan family while volunteering, the father shared with me that out of the hundreds of volunteers he has hosted, I was his favourite. When asked why, he shared: ”because you ate our food”. At that moment I never saw food the same way again.

My name is Jusep and I am a lover of all things food and travel. I’ve been to 50 countries around the world and I was raised in the most culturally diverse city on the planet. I’ve been hosted to memorable meals with strangers who have become friends in my travels and my mission is to return this hospitality here in Toronto. A Canadian born and Toronto raised South Korean, I love sharing why this city is the best place on earth for the food adventurer.

This is why I started Chopsticks+Forks: To connect people to the world through food!

Hope to see you on one of our food adventures.



Meet The Team

Our team members are Toronto locals that are inspired by the diverse international food scene. Let us take you on a global adventure full of food, humour, and history.

Felicia Cohen

Epicurean Ambassador

I was born in the foodie city of Montreal, lived in London for over 17 years and have settled nicely here in Toronto. The most delicious way to engage with my guests is have them taste the city!