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  • Cannabis 101 Food Tour


Quick Details

Adult Ages 19+

Cannabis 101 Food Tour

On this tour, you will get a Cannabis 101 lesson teaching you all about the different kinds, the different ways to consume and the different effects this substance can have on your body and mind. All the while, seeing the sights and tasting the food of Kensington Market, the most diverse neighbourhood of the most diverse city in the world.

So, why a cannabis and food tour? Why this mix? Has anyone heard of the Marijuana munchies before?

Well, it all has to do with the active ingredient in Marijuana, THC.  When you consume cannabis, THC is distributed all throughout the brain. THC interacts with receptors in our brain that regulate emotions, pain and our sense of smell and taste, It can also promote the release of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. This frequently gives people cravings for salty, sweet and fatty carbohydrate-rich foods. Hopefully before the end of this tour. All those cravings will be more than satisfied.