Taste of Europe - Swedish Tasting

To Fika in Sweden is to stop and slow down.  While doing so, one must have a cup of coffee or tea that is coupled with something sweet.

Tasting here is either a Hot or Iced Rooibos tea (South African) along with a Dala ginger cookie.


Taste of Europe and Africa

Beverage:  Either a hot or cold South African tea called Roiboos. This tea from South Africa is often referred to as "bush tea" or even "red bush tea". This naturally non-caffeinated tea is one of the few red teas in the world with similar health properties as green tea. Hot or cold, this is sure to delight.Tasting:  Dala ginger cookie that makes it so deliciously Swedish. Like much of Scandinavia, Swedes have a pallet for ginger snaps and cookies!