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Tales of a Chronicfoodie

A Year in Review (2017) – A Taste Around The World

A special blog entry to recap the year that was and some of my favourite discoveries in 2017.  It’s been an amazing year and boy has it been delicious!

Summary of Eats in Toronto


  • Portuguese – Nando’s
  • German – Otto’s Berlin Doner

South American

  • Colombian – Mi Tiarra


  • Jamaican – Rasta Pasta
  • Trinidad & Tobago – Ali’s Roti


  • Ethiopian – Abyssinia


  • Thailand – Kiin
  • Japanese – Miku
  • Vietnamese – Banh Mi Nguyen Huong
  • Burmese/Myanmar – Royal Myanmar
  • Filipino – Platito Filipino Soul Food
  • Indonesian – Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar
  • Mongolian – Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill


  • Kanga


  • Planta
  • Veggie D’Light

As a recap of all things food, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite “foodie” moments of 2017 from the great city of Toronto.  As always, my foodie soul is best fed by foods from around the world and this list carries that theme with a few vegan/vegetarian spots that I loved.

Each place has a link to their website or where you can find out more information, like where they can be found.  

Here’s to a wonderful 2018 to you and yours!

Warmest regards,

Jusep Sim – Your friendly neighbourhood Chronicfoodie

Taste Around Toronto



Nando’s – Ok, I know that this is a chain but the first time I went to Nando’s was when I was in Capetown, South Africa and heading in to eat some piri piri chicken was all about remembering my time in that beautiful city.  And I do like the flame chicken and the extra hot piri piri sauce they use to dress the fowl.  

Recommendations:  The Peri-peri chicken is the go to!


Otto’s Berlin Döner – If you are anywhere in Germany, especially in Berlin, you will find a döner to eat on every corner.  Origins are Turkish and I’ve had döners and they are quite popular in the Maritime provinces of Canada and Quebec but harder to find in Toronto.  Some would describe a döner to be similar to a Greek gyro in a pita but with the animosity between the two nations, it is probably best to just leave it as a sidebar and to just simply get your hands on this popular German eats brought to you by a Turkish family.

Recommendation:  The döner is quite solid but the currywurst is pretty sweet too!

South America



Mi Tiarra – This came as a recommended Colombian restaurant and it seems that St. Clair West has become a Latin American food hub with lots of options to choose from.  Be sure to order the empanadas and the bandeja paisa.  Check out my blog post on Colombian Food 101

Recommendations:  Empanadas and chicharron with arepas of course but do check out the blog for other recommendations.



Rasta Pasta – This is one of my favourite fusion joints in Toronto.  The marriage between Jamaican and Italian is so right on so many levels.  My favourite is when they have the Jerk Chicken Lasagna in a cream sauce…  Off the hook!  Find this little gem in Kensington Market!



Trinidad & Tobago

Ali’s Roti – A guest of my food tour, who was originally from Trinidad gave a recommendation to go eat me some awesome “doubles”.  If you’re not familiar, this pastry stuffed with chickpea curry is a famous street snack that is pure delicious goodness.  I love doubles and if you like to try a taste of “Trini”, then you need to find yourselves some doubles and Ali’s is a pretty solid place to start!



Abyssinia – This place was introduced to me by my Ethiopian friend, Eden (aka: Black Foodie) and it was an experience that reminded me of my time in Addis Ababa.  Everything was delicious but I highly recommend the Yebeg Tibs: Fresh lamb fried on iron skillet garnished with onions and jalapeño pepper



Kiin – Opened in 2017, this Thai spot was an experience for all the sense.  Beautiful, delicious and experiential, you will not be disappointed by this delicious taste of Thailand.  Chef Nuit and her husband Jeff have been a duo that has literally shaped the landscape of Thai cuisine in Toronto and their latest project is one that will showcase the Royal Thai culinary art form that is almost too pretty to eat… well, almost!


Miku – This Japanese hotspot is the go-to place for “aburi” style sushi.  Aburi literally means “flame seared” and for those who are a bit queezy about eating raw fish, this place may be a good place to start your sushi journey.  I personally prefer the raw form of sushi but for an experience, this was not disappointing.


Banh Mi Nguyen Huong – If you have never been to southern Vietnam to sink your teeth into a Banh Mi, I would have to say that this little shop in Chinatown (Spadina Ave and Dundas) is a pretty decent spot that brought memories of my time in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).  If you’re not familiar with this Vietnamese sandwich, this little delight showcases the influence of the French when they occupied this Southeast Asian nation.  A French baguette stuffed with pâté, pickled veggies and in my books, it needs a good portion of pork!  




Royal Myanmar – Myanmar, formerly known as Burma is located between Thailand and Bangladesh which you can easily conclude that the food is off the hook!  This little mom and pop shop serves up the eats that gives you an authentic taste of this little-known country.  A person I met on one of my food events introduced me to the eats and it did not disappoint!  Worth the trip to Etobicoke but do pay attention to their hours of operations.


Platito Filipino Soul Food – This little gem in Baldwin Village has had a hiccup due to a fire that has taken them out of commission (as of Dec 2017).  When it opens, it is worth the time and effort to check out this place out.  They have a creative twist to some of the favourites from the Phillipines. 



Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar – Let me point out that this is an Indonesian-Dutch joint that delivers some pretty good eats but as far as my Indonesian friends will say, it’s a bit more Dutch than they prefer.  However, for the novice, I found the place just a great place to hang and enjoy a meal with friends!  Sadly, Toronto does have very limited options for Indonesian food which I do hope to see remedied soon.  


Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill – This place in uptown Toronto has gotten a lot of attention from the countless Food Instagrammers in Toronto as it was in a lot of posts in many of the friends I follow.  However, if you want just an easy place to get a taste of Mongolian style cooking, this is a pretty fun place to check out.  I’m not a big fan of buffets in general but with a group of friends, this is not a bad place to spend several hours.


Kanga – Try the traditional meat pie with beef which is my go to but there are some creative takes on this Aussie favourite.  And don’t forget to have dessert and get the Lammington.  Australia is where it all began for me and where I caught my “travel bug”. To read more about the foods of this island country and continent, check out my blog about the land of Oz:  BLOG



Planta – I love vegetables and I have to give it to Toronto that the vegan and vegetarian culture has really matured.  The options are numerous and the food is great!  Planta is a definite must for those meat eaters out there to try.  I was impressed but you really can’t go wrong with any of their pizza choices.



Veggie D’light – this little spot in Kensington Market is where you can get a taste of some amazing veggie eats from Chef Peter.  I recommend the jerk seitan but really, the sample plate is what you want to eat.  Also, make sure you try whatever beverage they are promoting that day.

Here’s to 2017 that was and to what will be in 2018!

Chopsticks+Forks is a Toronto Food Tour company that celebrates the great ethnic diversity of Toronto by taking guests on food adventures tasting the flavours of the world, one delicious bite at a time.