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Korean Food 101 – Donkatsu

Korean Food 101 – Donkatsu

Korean Food 101 – Donkatsu:  When I’m at a Korean restaurant, one of my guilty pleasures, from all the options that exist, donkatsu is one of those things I just love.

This breaded, deep or pan fried pork cutlet is comfort food to me and to many who grew up around Korean food.  

I’ve often described donkatsu as the Korean answer to the Austrian schnitzel but there are versions of this breaded cutlet all over the world.  It is believed that it was the Germans that introduced the schnitzel to Japan which then made its way to Korea.

The word “Don” is based on the Chinese character for “pork”(猪肉) while “Katsu” (カツ)is the Japanese word for cutlet.

Donkatsu is really enhanced by the sauce that is either drizzled on top or on the side to use as a dip.  The sauce is both sweet and tangy and I’ve heard described as the Japanese-style Worcestershire sauce.  Here’s a quick and dirty recipe: combine ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce and sugar.  Give it a wisk and you got yourself some yummy sauce for your donkatsu.

With a bowl of rice and some kimchi on the side, you got yourself a meal that everyone will enjoy.

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