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Korean Food 101 – Japchae


Korean Food 101 – Japchae:  Out of the many things I’ve introduced to my non-Korean friends, I would have to say that Japchae is one of the clear favourites.

Modern Japchae is quite different from where it began back in the 17th century.  Japchae is a combination of two words: Jap which means “mixed” and chae is means vegetables.  So the literal translation is “mixed vegetables”.

Nowadays, you won’t ever see Japchae without its centrepiece which is the sweet cellophane noodles made from the starch of white sweet potato.  The noodles when uncooked are gray but when they’re cooked, the noodles become translucent which is why Jap Chae is often referred to as “glass noodles”.  

Other ingredients include thinly sliced beef and various vegetables like carrots, green onions, spinach, shiitake mushrooms and green peppers all stir fried with sesame oil

When these noodles are cooked just right, they should retain a nice chewy texture.  

You won’t find any Korean party or special occasion without Jap Chae.  Throw this together wish some hot rice and mix it up and maybe add a bit of soy sauce, and you got yourself a pretty awesome meal.  Of course, don’t forget the Kimchi!

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