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Korean Food 101 Blog – Kimchi

Kimchi (김치)

The most well known item of food from Korea is definitely Kimchi as it is said that Koreans will eat 40 pounds of this stuff each and every year.

What many may not know is that Kimchi comes in over 180 known varieties.  However, the most popular for Koreans and the most familiar to those not Korean is the napa cabbage variety which you’ll find at every Korean restaurant and home.

This national dish of Korea is made of spicy fermented napa cabbage that is mixed in a combination of brine, garlic, scallions and ground pepper.

Traditionally, kimchi was stored underground in jars to keep them cool in the summer and to not freeze during winter.

There really isn’t anything quite like kimchi to compare it with.  The taste is unique and has a good punch.  When I introduce people to Kimchi for the first time, I encourage them to not eat it all by itself.  I tell them to eat it with rice and some kind of meat like bulgogi.

For all you health buffs out there, you will be pleased to know that Kimchi is considered on of the top 5 health foods in the world.  The health benefits are countless and this fermented banchan has been credited as the main reason why the SARS outbreak barely made a dent in South Korea.

Some say kimchi is an acquired taste but for Koreans its the lifeblood of their cuisine.

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