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Korean Food 101 – Mandoo is a favourite throughout Korea and it is believed that it was the Mongolians back in the 14th century who brought this delicious snack to Koreans and clearly it has stood the test of time.

There are some that say that these dumplings may have come much earlier from Mesopotamia but wherever the origins, I know that all Koreans can agree that we are happy it found its way to Korea.

This Korean take of the dumpling is often stuffed with minced meat and vegetables where it can be served up boiled, steamed and pan or deep fried.

The filling varies from shrimp, beef, pork or fish and vegetables could include bean sprouts, green onions, shredded kimchi and any other combo of ingredients each creator can think of.

Mandoo is usually a snack but it is not unusual if it is part of the banchan spread found at a traditional Korean meal.

Although Mandoo is great on its own a great way to have this snack is to dip it into traditional sauce consisting of soy sauce, vinegar and crushed or powder chili flakes.

If you love all things dumplings, I know that you’ll love Mandoo too.

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