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Korean Food 101 – Tangsuyuk


Korean Food 101 – Tangsuyuk:  One of the things that I love about eating with Koreans is our natural way of sharing food.  “Family Style” eating is term commonly used when large plates of a dish are placed at a dining table and everyone takes their portion.  Sharing is a part of the culture of eating in Korea and besides the rice and sometimes the soup and stew, everything else is shared.

One of those dishes that is commonly brought on one large dish to be shared with those dining with you is Tangsuyuk.  Adopted from the Chinese, this sweet and sour pork dish is a favourite for both kids and adults alike.  Although it is traditionally made with pork, you will often find this dish in beef and chicken options but pork is the clear favourite amongst Koreans.

The pork is battered and deep fried till crispy and the sauce is usually added right before it is ready to be eaten.  Unlike the popular red sauce found in the Chinese version of this dish, the Korean take has a sauce that has more of a yellow honey hue where they will often include onions, bell peppers, carrots and mushrooms thrown into the mix.

If you love Chinese sweet and sour pork, you’ll sure to love Tangsuyuk.  

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